13 Ekim 2009 Salı

soapui vs jmeter for web service testing

this article is a good comparison of jmeter and soapui (and lucily a recent one) : http://www.developer.com/open/article.php/3839476/article.htm

according to this, soapui wins for two main reasons:
  •  from the article: A big difference from the SoapUI here is that you should have SOAP requests already to be supplied to JMeter, where as in SoapUI you can generate them.
this is a big deal in fact..
  • again from  the article: The learning curve of SoapUI is shorter then the JMeter, mostly because SoapUI automates a lot of tasks related to the creation of the Web services test plans.
 we are in a hurry, so shorter learning curve is attractive..

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