12 Haziran 2014 Perşembe

book: learning cypher

Cypher is the query language for Neo4j graph databases. In fact, in my thesis about user profiling, i use cypher and  i am plannig to write a post about cypher after publishing my system for evaluation..
http://www.neo4j.org/learn/cypher  provides good information about cypher.
Moreover, i am planning to review the book on http://bit.ly/QZ5Alw ..
i recommend to try graph databases and cypher if you are dealing with connected-data problems.. 

10 Haziran 2014 Salı

bitbucket - checkout by date

At work, we decided to upgrade the system and we did not tag the old version in bitbucket (since we were planning to upgrade definitely).. However, due to some extra work and time restriction the team could not able to achieve the goal and we decided to return back to an old version by date. To do this,
- open SourceTree
- open git with Terminal icon and run the command  git checkout 'master@{2014-04-01}'

- create a branch for the detached head.