27 Mart 2009 Cuma

Changing environment variable in suse

yeah, i know it is trivial :) but i am a newbie linux user and i want to note it down, right?
The file to change : /home/hilal.tarakci/.profile
The lines to add :
# added by hilal.tarakci
# eclipse home
export ECLIPSE_HOME=/usr/share/myprograms/ECLIPSEHOME/eclipse
# end of eclipse home
# java home
export JAVA_HOME=/opt/ibm/java-x86_6460
# end of java home
# catalina home
export CATALINA_HOME=/usr/share/myprograms/ECLIPSEHOME/server/apache-tomcat6.0.18
# end of catalina home
# maven repo
export M2_REPO=/usr/share/myprograms/ECLIPSEHOME/m2repo
# end of maven repo
# glassfish bin
export PATH=/usr/share/myprograms/ECLIPSEHOME/server/glassfish/bin:$PATH
# end of glassfish bin
# end of added by hilal.tarakci
The command to work after the change: bash .profile
Restart may be required.
Note: use vi or similar editor to edit .profile, not kwrite:)

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