24 Nisan 2009 Cuma


Hessian is a binary web service protocol.. In our project, performance is a big issue.. So, we are excited by hearing about word binary instead of xml..
At first glance, Hessian seems to lack a lot of good properties that xml web services have.. it is not a standard, it uses its own stnadard and at the client side, you have to put some adapter to deserialize the incoming message from the server (i think??). Besides, as you change the programming language, you have to change the Hessian implementation you are using.. However, performance is a big deal!! So, lets stop complaininng and try !!

http://java.dzone.com/articles/hessian-web-service-protocol --> this is a hello world hessian example and source code can be downloaded here: http://peat_hal.users.sourceforge.net/HessianExample.zip
This example is a good starting point. It uses Jetty automatically when the servlet is started, so do not bother about deployment.. I noticed that the client side wants to see the interface of the web service at the server side.. Normally, this is carried out by generated artifacts in xml web services..

I am going to try Hessian on complex examples later... It is ok for noww..

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