27 Mayıs 2009 Çarşamba

How to develop an expert system

I am developing an expert system for a homework project. It is not a serious project, just a warm up :)

1.) download esb4 from http://www.esbuilder.com/esb4.zip (freeware) and set up.
2.) download javaESB v1 from http://www.esbuilder.com/JavaESB-v1.zip (freeware, but v2 is commercial)

esb4 includes a question editor, a knowledge acquisition and a user interface module. ( http://www.esbuilder.com/standard_esb.htm )

javaESB v1 is for web deployment, it uses the question files produced with esb4 through an applet. ( http://www.esbuilder.com/internet_esb.htm )

I hope to develop a decision supporting system about my domain, balistics.. The system will ask the user some questions about the domain and direct him/her according to the answers.

3.) Developing the program ->
- Enter the questions to the system with the ESB Question Editor. Assign importance of the questions and specify their dependency with each other. Save the .qst file which includes the questions. The interface is user friendly.

- Populate the knowledge base with ESB Knowledge Acquisition. This is accomplished by adding records to the system. At the end of a path of question, add the result. It may be an html file etc. When the user answers questions, it will get the most matching results (records saved with this program). Save the .dat file which includes the records.

- Examine the program with ESB User Interface. This is what the end user sees, a simulation of the program.

4.) JavaESB Instructions.doc document under JavaESB-v1 (downloaded at step 2) explains how to use the given applet. The document is pretty clear. Give the.qst and .dat files (prepared in the previous step )as QFile and DatFile parameters to the applet. Unfortunately the addon applet depends on crashed :( So, i tested my system with ESB User Interface module..

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  1. I want to develop an Expert System which will work as a career counselor.

  2. well, here is another example for a specific domain: http://hilaltarakci.blogspot.com/2009/06/example-expert-system-with-clips-domain.html
    if you could model the domain with questions (ESBuilder) or rules (Clips), you can do it with both technologies, i think..

  3. Dear hilal
    all the sites for ebs builder is not available any more so how can i get the above files i need this expert builder very much as i need to submit my project in master degree using this builder please send me email with download link
    thanks for your support

  4. Hi Lamiaa,
    you are right about the dead links.. unfortunately, i could not find the zips in my own repository either :( there is a change to find them in my backup disk.. when i examined (most probably this evening), i will email them to you..

  5. Hi Hilal.
    I would like to develop an expert system too, do you know if there is an alternate link, or could you please forward me the link?

    thank you very much.