26 Haziran 2009 Cuma

troubleshooting: Glassfish deployment error

The Error:
While trying to deploy a composite application to glassfish server (Netbeans 6.5 is used), i got the following error:
ERROR: Successful execution of Start: SecondCompositeApp
WARNING: (JBIMA0405) Start of service assembly SecondCompositeApp succeeded partially; some service units failed to start.
    * Component: sun-http-binding
      ERROR: (SOAPBC_START_1) HTTPBC-E00205: Start failed. java.lang.Exception: LifecycleException:  PWC3985: Protocol handler initialization failed: java.net.BindException: Address already in use: 8080
    * Component: sun-bpel-engine
      INFO: (JBIMA0409) Lifecycle operation start succeeded for Service Unit SecondCompositeApp-SecondBpelModule.

The Solution:

Just change the http-listener port in glassfish-v2.1/domains/domain1/config/domain.xml from 8080 to 9090.  Luckily,  this fixed the problem in my case :)

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