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sharing same classes with multiple web services (jaxws)

Problem Definition:
In the default case all the class definitions under a web service are generated in the namespace of the web service. For instance let the web service endpoint SampleWS class is under package org.first and let this web service returns a org.second.SampleType. When the web service is deployed and stubs are generated in the client side, SampleType is also under org.first package. When org.second.SampleType is a shared class amongst multiple web services, this leads to problem, since there will be multiple SampleType classes under multiple packages.

The specified problem could be solved at the client side by providing wsimport with a binding file specifying actual namespaces for all shared classes. https://jax-ws.dev.java.net/guide/Compiling_multiple_WSDLs_that_share_a_common_schema.html

However, it is also possible to solve the situation at server side by forcing to put all shared classes in their actual packages by adding namespace definition via XmlType annotation as follows:

import javax.xml.bind.annotation.XmlType;

public class Calc {
private int result;

public int getResult() {
return result;

public void setResult(int result) {
this.result = result;

i prefer the second way, solving problems at server side always seems better to me :)

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