3 Eylül 2009 Perşembe

bpel fault handling - 2

i mentioned a bug in my previous post: http://hilaltarakci.blogspot.com/2009/09/bpel-fault-handling.html
(just read the lines in red ).. however, i was wrong, that was not the real bug..

the problem:
Lets repeat the scenario. There is a web service throwing some exception and there is a bpel process delegating exactly the same exception. Unfortunately, at the client side, the details of the exception comes null even though the exception is properly catched..

catch (FaultCatchWsdlOperationFault ex) {
MyException2 exc = ex.getFaultInfo();

the reason:
If the bpel process uses the same exception type with the invoked web service's exception, than there is something wrong and the detail of the exception (detail comes from the web service) does not come with exception.getFaultInfo() method in your client app.

the solution:
The workaround is using different types in web service and bpel faults.
i hope the explanation is clear enough :)

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