19 Mayıs 2013 Pazar

install maven plugin

I have discovered an API that can be useful to my thesis project. Unfortunately, the API address is broken at the moment. However, i could be able to find source code which is maven project. Therefore, i installed maven in my Eclipse Juno. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11242107/maven-with-eclipse-juno is helpful for this purpose.
In summary,
  • Install maven 
  • In Eclipse IDE, do Help -> Install New Software as follows: (installing maven for eclipse plugin)

After a successful installation, I imported the maven project by doing File -> Import as follows:

However, I got the following error during import process:

However changing maven installation path in Eclipse via Preferences interface did not help to resolve the problem :( So I continued the import process with errors..

EDIT 13:49
The problem was due to my import project style.. I included all the pom files at first, however importing only the pom in the parent directory was enough! That solved the situation in my condition..

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